livescribe pulse smartpen vs. FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

What is a different between Livescribe pulse smartpen and Fly fusion pentop computer (49.99 USD FLY Fusion Pentop Computer ) ? Fly fusion pentop computer was designed as a toy for kids ! While Livescribe pulse smartpen was designed for a real work ! here is Fly fusion pentop computer product detail:

  • # Puts revolutionary technology at your child’s fingertips
  • # Working pen is a powerful computer!
  • # Scans and digitizes what kids write for upload to home PC
  • # Includes special FLY Paper, software for games, math help, and more

and here is a  Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen product detail:

  • Captures over 200 hours of recorded audio or 32,000 pages of notes. (Actual available recording time varies by audio quality setting)
  • Instantly play back your recorded audio by tapping on your notes to listen to the information you captured
  • Share your recordings and notes with anyone privately or publicly with 500MB of free online storage for your recorded audio or notes
  • USB connector to transfer notes and audio to your Mac or PC
  • Audio jack and 3-D Recording Headset for far-field recording

and this is one of customer review on Fly fusion pentop computer.

“If you value your money, do not purchase this product. If you plan to use it long term, you will not be able to. It is nearly impossible to find the notebooks and ink refills necessary to use this product. They discontinued the entire line after it’s only been on the market a couple years (since 2006, I think). The fact that Leapfrog has no problem screwing over all the people who bought this device makes me think twice about purchasing any of their other products.”

So, If you would like to try what is smartpen using like maybe you should consider iogear or inote instead of  Fly fusion pentop computer

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