Microsoft Courier & Apple IPad comparison and the Reason why Courier will be the Apple IPad killer.

Microsoft Courier has lot of new features and it has a built-in camera, that’s why it will be the IPad or Ipod touch replacement ! Let’s take a look of the Microsoft Courier features and compare it with Apple Ipad.

Mutitouch screen

- While Ipad has an incredible multitouch screen, Microsoft Courier has offers more ! touch a screen with your finger to do most of the normal control and use a stylus for more precise required work such as writing & sketching (I don’t know if it has a built-in pen pressure sensor but if it has if will be superb). Microsoft Courier also has offers multi-touch screen keyboard. And because it is a booklet not tablet, you can type on one LCD and let the other LCD display your typing.

Online Journal

- Apple has offered 3G and WIFI ability in IPad but the purpose of Ipad’s online connection is for surfing the web and buy online contents from Itunes or we can say that Apple tablet is the online media tablet. Unlike the Courier that has offers this online ability for working & research. You can surfing the internet cut some pieces from the web page (I mean the real cuts by using your stylus) sketch on it and then upload to your online journal which your colleague can access it and write what their think on your sketch instantly ! Also, You can do the same with your picture, Because Courier has built – in camera you can take a picture or video and then draws some ideas on it and then upload it ! while you cannot do this with Ipad because it do not has built in camera.

Beside of this, Microsoft Courier also has offered the same ability as Apple IPad such as e-book reader, video & music player and ability for more add-on program later which will initiated by Microsoft.

To conclude, I think people who are work in a field that require to write and sketch such as artist, designer, architect, event organizer , student, lecturer will  love the Microsoft Courier to use as one of their daily life gadget while Ipad will be some kind of more like entertainment tablet.

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