The first Mantis IPad dock speaker has announced !

Wow Wow This is interesting, Vesta-life has announced the world first IPad dock speaker system “Mantis”,with 25% bigger and power increased than Ipod touch dock speaker system to accommodate IPad.

Mantis IPad dock speaker system offered you a new folding speaker named “wing” with digital amplifier, subwoofer, auxiliary input and video output jacks, optional 4 AA battery – yes you can carry it around, with built-in USB port which means you can use as your notebook speaker too, and the included full-function remote. Compatible with all of the IPod family – iPad, iPhone, and iPod with three colors – black, red, or silver. Maybe this is the next thing you’d pre-order after IPad pre-order.

If you’d like to read more about IPod dock speaker system please click here. @ Amazon

4 thoughts on “The first Mantis IPad dock speaker has announced !

  1. I am very keen in buying a Mantis IPad dock ! Pls advice me regarding the price and how soon I can start listening to some amazing sound! Anxiously looking forward to your feedback!

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