What the next generation of Kindle : Kindle 4 will look like?

It should be about the right time to ask if you want to own an eReader. Kindle 3 has been in the eReader market for about a year. I suppose the next generation should be come out soon. Since you have seen Nook Colour eReader, you may wonder what Amazon Kindle 4 was up to and should you wait for it?

iPad is a big competitor in colour ereader and will be still for a while. So there is a lightly chance next Kindle will be in colour. Plus, a lot of people are using Kindle app on iPad or iPhone. I believe that Kindle in colour won’t be a new feature on next Kindle which is expecting to release this year.

E-ink screen is a major advantage that gets people to buy Kindle. And with affordable price and improved performance, Kindle 3 becomes a top-rated-ereader. What could Amazon develop more for the next Kindle? It could be improve performance slightly, shave a little weight off, and maybe increase the built-in memory allowing more memory capacities, like Sony eReader of Nook.

Next thing we might expect to see is touch screen interface, like Sony’s new Readers, the PRS-350 Pocket Edition and PRS-650 Touch Edition. Amazon can enlarge the screen and cut off its keyboard. But as a result, it may cost more. One reason Kindle eReader has a big sale because it is cheap and affordable. If Amazon adds touch screen interface, that means the cost will be more and that may make a hard sale.

Anyway, I hope Amazon will come up with a distinguish feature which can empire all eReader again for its next generation Kindle 4 . We just only wait and see.

Comparing the specification of Kindle 3 and other eReaders, visit Amazon website



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