The most competitive 4G tablet : Toshiba Thrive.

Although Toshiba Thrive tablet came out after iPad, Zoom, Playbook and other tablets, the Toshiba Thrive 10.1 has its own good point. That is you can pick any cell carriers you want and there is no fix contract with tablet. With a fully capable USB 2.0 port, you can pick up your own USB Access Card. Toshiba Thrive is a first in the market using this method.

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The Toshiba Thrive differentiates from other tablets with Toshiba Thrive Battery Pack. It is user-replaceable that you can simply remove the back cover and switch it out. This is really advantage of Toshiba Thrive allowing you extend uses longer without worries. Docking Station of Toshiba is a very smart way that Toshiba provides for the customer. There are both to choose from : Toshiba thrive Multi-Dock Docking Station – store, view,and charge the tablet including a HDMI output for connecting to a compatible HD monitor or HDTV.

Good tablet is not about good specification but the ability to expand is also essential. Toshiba Thrive has expansion ability : an SD memory card, HDMI output, User-Replaceable Battery.

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