Sony Tablet S vs Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1, I think Motorola is a better choice !

After watching the review video of  Sony Tablet S, I started to wonder what is the selling point of this tablet, in my opinion I think paying around 460 USD for Motorola Xoom or 499 USD for Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a  better choice, here is reason why : Sony Tablet S comes with the same OS – Android Honeycomb, with a smaller screen size 9.4 inch, I hate the curve-one-sheet-style-design, I think it force user to use the Sony Tablet S most of the time in the landscape mode and also force you to hold Sony Tablet S with your left hand which I think it is not a universal design, You may say Apple IPad also comes with this style of cover, yes ! but it is only cover that you can remove it anytime you want, but with the Sony Tablet S, it is attached ! So if you are looking for the top-of-the-line Android OS tablet you may like to check carefully before get one of this Sony Tablet S !

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