Why Kindle Fire not iPad or Nook?

If you just want to get connected with online life and are not so much into serious software uses or technical activity, you should get Kindle Fire or other Kindle Family, like Kindle touch. Especially, it you just want only checking emails, browsing webs, listening to music, streaming Tv shows, videos, Kindle Fire at $199 is the best choice. if you are looking for a reader device for mainly reading ebooks and do care much about colourful screen but need a bit of convenient helper, go for Kindle touch at $99. Since Amazon expands its ebook source to library local accesses, Kindle’s users can access ebook from local library everywhere in U.S. plus the Amazon Prime also gives users access to 11,000 movies and TV shows and more special items in Amazon Appstore. So KIndle Fire is the answer that most consumers will need.

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Could Kindle Fire be compared with new Nook Colour 2 expecting to be launched this October? Absolutely yes.  The report from Digitimes stated that a new Nook Color 2 will be the same size as the original Nook Color. For this Nook Color 2 will retain E-papaer backplanes and feature a 7-inch full color touch screen with ability to support email games, and applications. It has been said about the price whether or not higher or lower than $199 Kindle Fire but there will be somethings to surprise users, definitely.

Comparing to iPads starting at $499 with two- front and back cameras offering both 3G and WiFi connectivity , larger screen, longer battery life up to 10 hours, and bigger memory storage, we can deny that iPad is better but his with these advantages you have to pay more than 2 times of Kindle Fire. Would you pay for that?  Kindle Fire as a content and services based tablet can offer you basic needs with the similar services from Amazon Store and Amazon Prime. I would not pay for a high price for the device that can give similar needs.

To conclude, I would go for the Fire Tablet. Pay less for the device but I still can enjoy the services and content it provides.


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