A Cloud World with Kindle Fire Cloud Tablet.

Getting ready to be in a Cloud World, you need to have a Cloud Tablet too. The idea of being in the Cloud World is to free your self from the place you are living in with fast and mobile lifestyle. Amazon Silk is a new web browser operating in the cloud  help to speed up the delivery of content to a mobile device.

Amazon Silk is available only via Amazon Kindle Fire. Having Silk the tablet will operate fast like mobile phone OS. Why we need Silk? This is because a typical modern Web page contains a huge amount of information, images, Flash, animation, other things, so to be able to view the web fast we need powerful computers  and broadband wired connections. Silk provides that speed like mobile phone OS where other tablets can not do.

Silk loads pages quickly because Amazon’s Cloud service is used to keep record pattern or behaviour of using a website of users and predict which page on the site a user want to go next, then preload before she or he clicks to navigate pages. The move will satisfy users as the same as using computer tablet at home. Silk also help you to stick on the page when you are trying to navigate where to connection slow. When Kindle Fire loses its connection to Amazon’s cloud, the Silk browser of Kindle Fire will still function and retain the pages but a bit slowly. That means the browser is still on both the cloud and the device.

This could be a big advantage Amazon plays in order to lure a massive number of tablet users. Clever it is Amazon.

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