Holiday reading with my Kindle DX Graphite

When I am on holiday I love to read. I read really fast if the book captivates me, as much as a book a day. So can you imagine how much easier my life is now with my Kindle DX Graphite. Instead of carrying 5 or 6 large books around with me, I only need to put my Kindle DX Graphite into my bag and if I find that I have made the wrong choice of book,

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then instead of looking for a second-hand bookshop or somewhere to ditch it I just look for something else online! Wow! It’s great isn’t it! Think about it, with your Kindle DX Graphite you can read that book that you have always wanted to, sitting on the beach of your choice whilst on holiday.

As I love books so much, it always saddens me when, because of weight, I have to leave behind the book I was reading, if I want to read other books. You all know how holidays are about how to balance the weight of your belongings with your lifestyle. This concern is lessened now that I have my Kindle DX Graphite holiday reader. Now I can keep those books I wish, to read another day and thus bring back the good memories of my holiday with my Kindle DX Graphite reader. Also, because the Kindle DX Graphite has so little reflection on the screen in daylight, I can read it basically anywhere. Mountains, beaches, valleys, historical towns, snow-blanketed villages are all available to me and my sturdy Kindle DX Graphite reader.

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