Refurbished Toshiba Thrive, should you buy this 10.1 inch tablet ?

If you are looking for a cheap Android 3.2 tablet, Refurbished Toshiba Thrive is one of them with the price under 292 USD (limited time) or around 100 USD from the new one, but should you buy this tablet ? First of all, I think this is a pros and cons list of Refurbished Toshiba Thrive : with the size of 10.1 inch, by far this is one of a very big screen tablet with a multitouch screen, its thick may not seem impressed since it comes with the same thickness of 2 IPad 2s place together !

Click here for the full detail of a refurbished Toshiba Thrive @ Amazon, starts from 292 USD (limited time)

and battery life of a Refurbished Toshiba Thrive is not so impress, it offers around 5 hours of video watching and game playing, and all day long for a web browsing with wifi on, this maybe an issue that you may need to worry since it is a refurbished version, its surface may seems new but for a battery condition, we never know. So, here is my advise about a refurbished  Toshiba Thrive shopping, if you are looking for a  home base use Android 3.2 tablet with a spectacular screen where you can charge it any time you want, I think  a refurbished  Toshiba Thrive is a good deal, but if portability is what you are looking, I have to say you may need to check out a refurbished Kindle Fire, it is around 130 USD cheaper than a refurbished Toshiba Thrive and Amazon also offers a warranty for this tablet, but you’ll need to sacrifice a camera and Bluetooth connection in order to get the cheaper one.

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