HTC One X 4G with AT&T : Pre-order with special discount for Mother’s day.

HTC One X 4G is about to release in this coming weeks. Want to be a first group to use the latest HTC One X 4G with Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System? AT&T and Amazonwireless offers a special discount of 79% off. From the staring price of $149.99, you can get the most updated Android Phone with the fastest service LTE network, so far.

If you plan to buy HTC One X 4G for coming Mother’s Day, please take this opportunity to pre-order it. A low price of HTC One X 4G AT&T comes with free Two business day shipping plus other benefits offered .

Mom would be enjoy and surprise this gift because HTC One X 4G not only uses the fastest network and operating system, but also a wide range of Android Apps, such as Amazon Kindle for ebook reading, Amazon MP3, IMDB, and Amazon Appstore for Android. And because HTC One X 4G is Android Device, you can explore unlimited Android apps. 

To Pre-Order HTC One X 4G with AT&T, visit

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