Ainol NOVO7 Paladin vs SKYTEX Skypad Alpha2 ?

Both of them are budget tablets. In term of specification comparison, Paladin offers the latest OS Android 4.0, no camera, capacitive touchscreen, low resolution screen, longer battery life than Alpha2 and also a lower price.

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(I think both of them share the same hardware spec except battery of Ainol NOVO7  is 4000mAH (around 8 hours) while Skypad Alpha2  is 3000mAH (approximately 6 hours), so the real question is, do you need a front camera or the latest Android OS ? From my experience, a video call is very useful, you can use it to call your family over wifi network with no calling fee, and also you can see their face, I think it is a good way to contact your friends and family, and even it is a low resolution camera, but I think the front camera of SKYTEX Alpha 2 is very useful for social website status updating, you can share your friends about a new place you have visited by use the  SKYTEX tablet camera, but in contrast, NOVO7 Paladin is pretty fast compared to its price, you can run games on this 7 inch tablet so swiftly, and Android OS 4.0 is very easy to use compare to 2.3, and also Alpha2 is heavier than Paladin, but in contrast, Skypad 2 has a better customer review rate (4 star vs 3 star), so think carefully.

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