MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi refurbished tablet vs. Blackberry Playbook refurbished 7″ tablet

Being parted from the person you love or your family is very hard to bear even for seasoned travelers. Most people keep in touch by phone as it’s the easiest way or using a system like Skype from their laptop and this gives them pretty well all that they want, but in your case I don’t think this is really good enough for you. Talking on the phone only gives you voice contact, which can be misleading sometimes. Sitting with your laptop can be precarious for you and your laptop, awkward and also not all that private. However if you were to own a MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi refurbished tablet or a Blackberry Playbook refurbished 7″ tablet then you would be able to do both what your smartphone and your laptop can do. Not only that, but you will be able to talk to your loved one in private, wherever you are, on the bus, walking, sitting in a coffee shop or lying on your bed. 

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MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi)

The MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi has a large screen of 10.1” compared to the 7” screen of the Blackberry Playbook, which is great if you want to really feel as if the person that you are missing so much is really there with you, face-to-face, talking with both their words and the expressions fleeting across their face. How more intimate can you be than this! You can also use your MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi to take photos with its inbuilt digital camera that will give you 720p HD video or LED flash stills. Yes, I know what you are going to say, that the Blackberry Playbook also can be used to take videos and not just of 720p, but of a full 1080p. Wow! That means that your family or friends or love will be able to see everything that you’ve taken on their new digital TV. That’ll be so lovely, especially for children to see! 

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BlackBerry PlayBook



So, you will be saying, why don’t I just buy a new MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi or Blackberry Playbook instead of a refurbished one, which is basically second-hand, well think of it this way! Your refurbished tablet has been cleaned up and made new by the manufacturers and what you will get is in fact a new tablet at a greatly reduced price. In the case of the MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi refurbished tablet, depending on which refurbished tablet you choose you could save anything between $85 to $120 and pay from about $280 to $240. Also in the case of the Blackberry Playbook refurbished tablet you could pay less than $140 compared to the normal Amazon price of almost $200. Isn’t that the best incentive of all? Buying something at a cheaper price, but still receiving all the quality of the original tablet!

Blackberry Playbook is cheaper than Kindle Fire ! if you are looking for a budget tablet, this is the one !

If you are looking for a tablet under 200 USD with a premium brand, I have to say BB Playbook is one of the interesting choice. It comes with the same hardware specification as Kindle Fire but with 5.0 MPS rear camera to share your daily life activity via Facebook and Twitter (of course with a built-in app)

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BlackBerry PlayBook

and 3 MPS front camera for video call. If you afraid that you will miss a great service from Amazon, don’t be ! you still can buy an ebook with Kindle app for Blackberry Playbook, and also you can download apps from Blackberry app world and if you are concerned that this tablet will fall down with RIM, this tablet will support Android market in a very close future. Or on the other hand, you may need to ask yourself will you trade cameras of BB Playbook for Amazon’s Android App Market ? (If you are looking for a tablet that can run the basic tasks like web browsing, video call, Facebook, Twitter, Video Watching, Songs,  Email and use BB Messenger with your friends I don’t think it will be a problem, but if what you are looking for is also a variety of apps, there are some in BB app world but it may not as many as in Android Market and Amazon App Market).

Blackberry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy tab 2, which one to buy ?

If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy tab 2, you may want to know if the Blackberry Playbook could be a choice, in term of specification, it is obvious that Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers a up-to-date OS, and the only feature that lacks on  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 is BB messenger that I believe BB lovers can live without it,

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but since BB Playbook is only a wifi feature tablet, you can not use it like your BB mobile phone style, but in term of hardware, I think both of them offer match, if you decided to go with BB Playbook what you can have is a better resolution cameras but heavier weight than Samsung Galaxy tab 2, I don’t quite sure if BB Playbook comes with Bluetooth enable but  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers Bluetooth 3.0 that is the updated technology, but BB Playbook comes with HDMI port. Tuff choice, huh ? Let’s say in term of hardware specification both of these tablets are very matched, so I think the best way to buy Blackberry Playbook  is to buy it with the refurbished price to trade for outdated Android OS, with this method, you’ll get the BB Playbook with the price around 175 USD that is a big difference from 249 USD of a new Samsung Galaxy tab 2, another choice is a refurbished Kindle Fire.