How far digital eReader can go : LG will release the first flexible e-Paper.

About 4 years ago, we had Kindle ebook reader, the device that changes the way we read the book for ever while it might be the end of reading physical books. This year, we go backward to capture the physical feeling of reading newspaper but forward with an amazing technology of eReader. I am talking about the flexible e-paper from LG. It is 1024×768 e-nk plastic screen, only 0.7 mm thick, only 14 grams and it is resistant to scratches and drops from the about 1.5 meter height. How amazing it is. ┬áMoreover, it can bend at a range of 40 degrees from the centre, just like the feeling of holding a piece of paper in your palm.

This flexible e-paper will first launch in Europe this month (April). Many reviews said that this LG flexible e-paper night be a bigger viral of Kindle ebook reader.