Blackberry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy tab 2, which one to buy ?

If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy tab 2, you may want to know if the Blackberry Playbook could be a choice, in term of specification, it is obvious that Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers a up-to-date OS, and the only feature that lacks on  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 is BB messenger that I believe BB lovers can live without it,

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but since BB Playbook is only a wifi feature tablet, you can not use it like your BB mobile phone style, but in term of hardware, I think both of them offer match, if you decided to go with BB Playbook what you can have is a better resolution cameras but heavier weight than Samsung Galaxy tab 2, I don’t quite sure if BB Playbook comes with Bluetooth enable but  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers Bluetooth 3.0 that is the updated technology, but BB Playbook comes with HDMI port. Tuff choice, huh ? Let’s say in term of hardware specification both of these tablets are very matched, so I think the best way to buy Blackberry Playbook  is to buy it with the refurbished price to trade for outdated Android OS, with this method, you’ll get the BB Playbook with the price around 175 USD that is a big difference from 249 USD of a new Samsung Galaxy tab 2, another choice is a refurbished Kindle Fire.