ASUS Transformer TF300 vs ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, which one to buy ?

You may think the newer the better but with the same price with the new iPad, should you go with the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 ? What is difference between this new tablet and the previous released ASUS Transformer TF300 ? First of all, While a stating price of  Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is $ 499, Transformer TF300′s price is only $378 (limited time),


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both of them run Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and both of them run NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor, the same screen size 10.1-inch, with 1 GB RAM, 32GB storage space (of course you can expand this storage space with SD Card that both offer), and also both come with the same front 2 MPS camera and rear 8.0 MPS camera. There are a few details that difference, you may need to think these features worth your extra $150, first of all while Transformer TF300 offers HD 1280*800 that is acceptable for a 10.1 inch-screen size, the new comer  ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 offers beyond HD quality 1920*1200, and Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is a little bit lighter than ASUS Transformer TF300.

Amazon Instant Video on Kindle Fire vs Netflix on IPad 3, which one to buy ?

If you are thinking to get one of these tablets, IPad 3 or Kindle Fire to use as your tablet on the go and movie, TV series and documentary watching is what you have planed for your new tablet,

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here is my review on Netflix on IPad 3 – the plus side of Netflix on IPad 3 is you can watch movies with subtitles and close captions that is none on Amazon Instant Video (Amazon Instant video is not yet available for IPad since IPad lacks of Flash support), and the good thing about IPad 3 is it comes with 4G support so you can watch your favorite shows any where any time with no need of any peripherals, and also Netflix comes with a variety of choice, I can with it on my PS3, my Sony Blu-ray player and also my PS Vita, while with the Amazon Instant Video, I can watch Instant Video with my PS3 and Blu-ray player, but not for IPad (but I am pretty sure that if your tablet can support Flash, Amazon Instant Video can work flawlessly on that device).

CradlePoint PHS300 Personal Hotspot - Wireless access point - 802.11b/g (Version 2.0/2.5.3)

While with Kindle Fire, it comes with a limitation, you have to own a personal 4G hotspot to watch movies on your Kindle with no need of wifi connection, it may not a big deal since you can find these 4G hotspots for free with monthly contract.

I have to admitted that a picture quality and also a streaming quality of Amazon Instant Video is better than Netflix, and the screen size of Kindle Fire is 16:9 that is anamorphic wide screen or the same ratio as your HDTV, compared to the 4:3 screen ratio of IPad 3, even it is smaller, but I think a screen of Kindle Fire is acceptable or almost as good as IPad in term of picture size. And the price of Kindle Fire, especially for a certified refurbished is a big factor, with the price of 4G IPad 3, you can buy almost 4 of a refurbished Kindle Fire with 4G personal hotspot. Even though IPad 3 may comes with a gorgeous Retina display that is very impressive, but with the HD quality streaming that is 720p, I don’t think it will be a big difference due to the fact that your source files are not match to quality of the screen, and I think the weight of IPad 3 is not so good for portability it is too heavy and too big, while Kindle Fire is perfectly fit in your handbag.

So, if you are looking for a home-base-use-tablet and your requirement is just for watch streaming movies in other rooms, I think IPad 3 is a better choice. But if what you are looking for movies on the go, I think Kindle Fire (especially the certified refurbished one) is one of a tablet that you may want to check out.

Nook simple Touch with GlowLight vs Kindle Fire special price, which one to buy ?

For today only, Kindle Fire is on 139 USD sale (refurbished) as same as Nook Simple Touch with  GlowLight, I think there are two reason that Amazon is doing this, the first one is to boost Mother’s day sale on Kindle Fire,

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and the second is to block an opening of new Nook, so as a buyer, what you should do, buy Kindle Fire or Nook, I think you may want to check out Nook features carefully, it is not a multitouch and so many features have been cut for a price war. If you are ok with the lacks of features or what you are looking for is the simple eReader, Nook Touch is a good choice, but if you are looking for the best value buying, I think a refurbished Kindle Fire special price is a better choice, it offers most features that modern days tablet offer except for camera, Bluetooth and expandable card slot. With the price of 139 USD, I think it is a good choice.

Blackberry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy tab 2, which one to buy ?

If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy tab 2, you may want to know if the Blackberry Playbook could be a choice, in term of specification, it is obvious that Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers a up-to-date OS, and the only feature that lacks on  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 is BB messenger that I believe BB lovers can live without it,

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but since BB Playbook is only a wifi feature tablet, you can not use it like your BB mobile phone style, but in term of hardware, I think both of them offer match, if you decided to go with BB Playbook what you can have is a better resolution cameras but heavier weight than Samsung Galaxy tab 2, I don’t quite sure if BB Playbook comes with Bluetooth enable but  Samsung Galaxy tab 2 offers Bluetooth 3.0 that is the updated technology, but BB Playbook comes with HDMI port. Tuff choice, huh ? Let’s say in term of hardware specification both of these tablets are very matched, so I think the best way to buy Blackberry Playbook  is to buy it with the refurbished price to trade for outdated Android OS, with this method, you’ll get the BB Playbook with the price around 175 USD that is a big difference from 249 USD of a new Samsung Galaxy tab 2, another choice is a refurbished Kindle Fire.

Refurbished Toshiba Thrive vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which one to buy ?

If you are thinking to get one of the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 4.0 OS, beside of a refurbished Kindle Fire, there is another choice that you may get the 10.1 screen with around 38 USD adds up,  “Refurbished Toshiba Thrive”, this has been placed as one of an IPad 2 killers, it comes with 90-day-warranty but with a great specification compared to 7-inch-Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, here is the hardware specification of a Refurbished Toshiba Thrive that is better than a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 :

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Bigger screen : 10.1-inch multi-touchscreen with HD 720p resolution that is greater than  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that is 7.o-inch multi-touchscreen, 720p.

More ports : Refurbished Toshiba Thrive offers HDMI, 2 USB ports, Dock connector port for external keyboard or you can use it in IPad style with speaker dock,  and also expandable SD card slot, while Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes with USB port and that’s it !

Greater camera MPs and greater storage space : Refurbished Toshiba Thrive comes a built-in 16 GB with a great 5.0 MPs rear camera that is a standard for iPhone 4 camera, while Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is only 8GB with a 3.0 MPs rear camera.

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galaxy tab 2-7 wide

But in contrast, Refurbished Toshiba Thrive is a 10.1 inch screen, that is designed for home use, not for a portable purpose, while Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is designed to supports mobile life style, you may need to think carefully, beside of price and size and specification, which type of tablet that do you want to buy.

PocketBook Pro 902 ereader vs Kindle DX Graphite, which one to buy ?

Based on its hardware specification, I have to admitted that PocketBook Pro 902 ereader is a very good choice for 9.7 inch e-ink screen ebook reader under 300 USD, the only flaw of this ebook reader is it lacks of online ebook store support, I mean is acceptable choice, but compared to Amazon Kindle store, is too limited, but on the other hand, if you are looking for other languages, I think offers a lot and also I believe international ebook lovers are what PocketBook Pro 902 ereader  is aiming for, because it comes with many Text-to-Speech languages support and also a multi-languages dictionary.

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So, my recommendation about PocketBook Pro 902 ereader buying, compared to Kindle DX Graphite is if you are not an native english speaker like me and PocketBook Pro 902 ereader is available in your language, buying this ereader is not a bad idea. But if what you are looking for is an ebook reader to read english language, I still believe Kindle DX Graphite is your best option for a 9.7 inch ebook reader, I think it is almost a time that this ebook reader will be price cut since it has been cut once on Cyber Monday 2011. If you can wait you should wait for Kindle DX Graphite with 279 USD.

PocketBook Pro 902 White 9.7 E-Ink eBook Reader

Kindle Fire vs Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, which one to buy ?

I know that these two tablets have a quite different price, but I think Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 can be considered as Kindle Fire alternative, it will be come with smaller display size, but Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 also comes with a more powerful than Kindle Fire and also with the 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED display that will blown you away, (5.3 inch display vs 7 inch screen, hmm …) with the processor speed of 1.4 GHZ made Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 one of a small screen tablet and also HSPA+ internet connection, Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is one of Kindle Fire rivals, but also Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 comes with downside, Cloud and Media service of Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 cannot beat Kindle Fire service.

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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone

Basically Kindle Fire is just another Android tablet and it OS is quite outdated but it has been covered by Carousel so you cannot Android that runs this tablet, Kindle Fire comes with 7 inch display with 1024 * 600 (not an HD display) and I think its thickness made Kindle Fire a little bit plump ! but the plus side of Kindle Fire is, with its limited 8GB built-in, Cloud storage that allowed you to store every media that you purchased from Amazon for free, (and you can also buy a space for store your media as well), and also Silk browser is one of a very impressive browser, with the Cloud computing, using Silk on Fire can save and extend its battery life and also faster your web browsing experience. If you are looking for the one and only, I think Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is a great deal (starts from 649 USD) but if you already have a mobile phone to connect to internet and social tweet, I think Kindle Fire is also an interesting deal as well especially for this holiday.

Kindle Fire: upright, angled view


Kindle DX 32% Black Friday deal vs Kindle Touch 3G , which one to buy ?

Which one is the choice during Black Friday 2011 shopping season, the 32% Black Friday 2011 deal Kindle DX or a brand new Kindle Touch 3G with no discount ? As a Kindle DX adopter (and also the Kindle 4 adopter), I don’t think you should make a comparison between these two because they are get closer because of the discount price, for me, as I remember, Kindle DX has been treated as an high-end, top of the line ebook reader for academic purpose which focus on text based PDF document, and there is no need to buy this ebook reader,

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Say Hello to the Kindle DX

if you are thinking about buy ebook reader for fun, because with the font size adjustment on Kindle Touch 3G, you can have any font size you want, to big enough to read, the only pro that I’ve found for use Kindle DX for pleasure reading is I can read Skinny on series which are self-help series that come in cartoon easy to read style very comfortably which I’ve found it is so hard to read on my Kindle 4 and I believe on the Touch 3G as well, but one thing that you may need to keep in my about Kindle DX is, it is 2 years old ebook reader, so it means that its processor, reload page speed, navigator cannot match with Kindle Touch 3G, or Kindle 4, and the web browser on Kindle DX for me is useless, even for email checking, also with the physical keyboard that I’ve found myself hardly use, except for kindle store, my point is, I think 32% off for Black Friday is a great deal on Kindle DX Graphite and I believe my friends who interest in this ebook reader will be thrilled if they about this, but don’t forget about its downside and limitation before buy this ebook reader.

The new price Acer Iconia Tab A500 vs Toshiba Thrive, which one to buy ?

I know normally these two tablets are in the different league. But with the 12% discount offering @ Amazon on Acer Iconia Tab A500 made the Acer Iconia Tab A500 becomes one of the valued Android 3.1 in the market. The question is if you are getting one between these two tablets, which one is the best choice ? Especially with the coming of new cheap price of  Acer Iconia Tab A500. Base on its built-in storage space, Acer Iconia Tab A500 is offering 16 GB internal plus extendable slot for 32GB maximum while if you considering on the Toshiba Thrive at the same price, you could get 8GB with the SD card reader for extending. The question is what make Toshiba Thrive so pricey compared with the Acer Iconia Tab A500 ?

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Acer Iconia Tab A500-10S16u 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer (Aluminum Metallic)

Both of them come with very durable battery life. For the Thrive, you can easily replace battery by yourself which is very convenient, Acer Iconia Tab A500 is heavier than Toshiba Thrive around 0.1 pounds which I think it is not noticeable. And almost of the hardware specifications and connections are pretty the same. In terms of brand, Toshiba may seems to be a little bit trusted company since its very long experience in the technology industry. So if you are looking for the one of the Hi-End & valued tablet. I must say go with the Acer Iconia Tab A500 !

Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi vs ViewSonic ViewPad 7, which one to buy ?

In terms of OS, these two tablets run on the same Android 2.2 Froyo. But two distinguishes between this two tablet are 1. camera resolution, 2. 3G and 3. screen resolution. The question is will you pay more 20 USD for none 3G on Dell Streak 7 Froggy Night or you will pay less 20 USD for low resolution LCD, low resolution camera but 3G supported ViewSonic ViewPad 7 ? If compared to a 3G version of Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi which is 399 USD, I don’t think it is a good deal. There are many 3G tablets in the market for around 400 USD.

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To find out which one is the best for you, I think you have to ask yourself if screen resolution matter to you. With a size of 7 inch, I think it is noticeable difference between 480*800 and Hi-Resolution screen. But also you have to ask yourself if 3G is matter to you as you imagined. Ask yourself this question : Are there any internet Wi-Fi Hot Spot available in your hangout, office. If there are many spots that you can access, perhaps 3G is not as important as you thought.

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